True Life: being an American 5sos fan.

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'5 Seconds Of Summer' album debuts at No. 1 in United States!

The band released their self-titled album on July 22 in the country after previously unleashing it in Europe and other regions of the world, and as expected from Billboard, the band hit the huge mark of over 250.000 units sold in a week, making the band the third best-selling debut of the year so far (x).

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Michael’s new tattoos!

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So far, mckenna’s the only one to call me out on claiming to be an ashton girl but talking abt luke all the time y’all are slacking

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me: on tumblr
me: clicks video
me: please be fuckin youtube
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[HQ] Z100 Elvis Duran | July 21, 2014 | New York City


personal trainer ashton would be so focused on impressing you with the number of push-ups he can do that he would forget to actually train you, and when you tell him the session is over he would whisper "we can go back to my place so I can give you an actual workout" 

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I've always been too afraid of talking to anyone on this site but i just had to tell you that you're an amazing writer!! I am so sorry if this is annoying to you in any way

this is the sweetest, thank you lovely :) you’re not annoying me at all and anytime u wanna come talk to me, drop me an ask!!!!

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"How did we end up talking in the first place…?"

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5sos blurb requests: open should i write 5sos oneshots?

remember that i love all of u to death and im always here for u whenver u need me okie okie :))